Production of decorative elements for frontage

IZODECOR- Gives value to your house! The execution of frontage is one of the last stages of building a house. The frontage is the image for your entire house that projects the architect, pleading to realize in practice the beneficial ideas, based on the existing materials, which allow the realization these ideas.

Activity of producing decorative elements of frontage from series "IZODECOR" came from our desire to bring to our country building market and innovative solutions, necessary for the executing the frontages. Our objective is to be a partner of final customer, necessary to satisfy his desires, to personalize and give a special value to your house.

Different properties of traditional materials used for the execution of decorative elements for frontage require designers several limitations. Concrete and natural stone have a heavy weight and give an extra burden on the walls of the house, burdening the entire building, requesting additional costs for installation and longer terms of performance.


The solution of these problems is to use decorative protective with a layer of polystyrene. Using the decorative elements "IZODECOR" opens new horizons for the designers and gives more possibilities in their work designing the frontages.


The corners around the window, the sills under the windows, columns and pilasters, separating corbels, arcs and arch stones- all of these correct installed elements will give a special aspect and a divergent value to your house for many years ahead.

We enumerate bellow a series of advantages regarding the decorative elements to execute the frontage works:

» The low weight and short period installation terms

» Short period terms to fabricate the elements

» The high resistance to environment factors actions

» The possibility to repaint

» The multitude of models, decorative combinations, colors and textures delivered in finished forms, it must just be covered with ground and dye

» It does not affect the structure and the resistibility of the building.